COVID-19 and your mental health

COVID-19 and your mental health

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is a disease that can be transmitted from an infected person’s nose discharge to another person and affect the lungs and airways of a human.

We have been facing COVID 19 related challenges since the year 2019 because the virus has been spreading rapidly among countries, regions, and worldwide.

The sudden changes like isolation and social distances, and other challenges have affected most people’s mental health. Therefore, COVID 19 and mental health has become a popular topic among the world.

In this article, we will discuss everything about COVID 19 and mental health, including how to overcome mental illness and how to take care of your mental health during this time, and the coronavirus for people with mental health diseases.

COVID 19 pandemic and your mental health

Reports have shown that many people seem to feel depressed, stress, anxiety, lonely, and fearful during this coronavirus pandemic. People tend to lose control over their emotions and feel weird stress facts, and people with mental illnesses have worsened their conditions due to self-isolation and social distancing.

However, there are some particular strategies and tips on taking care of your mind during this difficult time. We will now explore how to stop feeling sick from anxiety, stress, and depression during COVID 19.

How take care of your mental health?

How take care of your mental health?
Maintain your physical and mental health

Taking care of your physical health

Eating healthy food – You must take a healthy and balanced diet to get essential nutrients that can fight against infections. You will also have to limit foods and beverages with caffeine because they can increase stress and anxiety. Besides, you should avoid junk, fast food, and refined sugar.

Exercising regularly – Engaging in regular exercise can reduce stress and anxiety. You can follow exercise plans online, or you can do some other activities that contain movements.

Getting enough sleep – You will have to get enough sleep to maintain a healthy body. Getting enough time to sleep can make you feel relax.

Engage in relaxing activities – You can do meditations, yoga, listening to music, or reading books or whatever you can feel relaxation.

Taking care of your mental health

Taking care of your mental health
Girl is thinking too much about her problems

Focusing on positive things in your life – Make sure you always focus on the positive and avoid negative thoughts to take care of your mental health. You can get rid of negative feelings like sadness, loneliness if you focus on positivity. Be thankful for what you have in life, and stop worrying about things you do not have.

Limiting getting exposed to media – When you get COVID 19 related news such as false news and rumors regularly, you might get feared and lead to depression. Therefore, you must only listen and read trusted news from WHO or your local authorities.

Maintain your regular activities – You can engage in your usual schedules throughout the day to avoid unnecessary and weird emotions. If your area is not in isolation, you can go to work, school, or other places under the safety rules and regulations, and if you are staying at home, you can stick to your usual activities and other routines.

Keeping in touch with others

Keeping in touch with others
Help others

Stay in touch – You should keep connections with your loved ones even if you want to stay home to keep your distance. You can always connect through calls, texts, or any other communication apps to talk and share your feelings with them and update them.

Help others – If you think someone you know requires help during the pandemic, you can help them while obeying safety measures.

Worst things to do for your mental health

Addicting to smoke, alcohol, and drugs – As you already know, coronavirus can badly affect your lungs and airways; if you are smoking, you are at a high risk of complications if you get infected with the virus. Also, you must not addict to alcohol and other drugs because they can harm your physical and mental health.

Overusing electronic devices – You must not use your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or any other electronic device 30 minutes before sleep. And also, you should not overuse the devices even if you are spending more time at home during this time.

Not getting enough sleep – You might not maintain your regular activities properly. You might be spending more time doing unnecessary activities and avoid your sleep time. It can affect your mental health badly.

COVID 19 for people with mental health diseases

COVID 19 for people with mental health diseases
Maintain your mental health

We all are aware that mental health affects how someone behaves, acts, thinks, and talks. Mental health illnesses have a significant impact on your emotional, psychological, physical, and social well-being.

Therefore, if you or someone you know is already going through mental illness, COVID 19 pandemic is an additional challenge for you. We are going to discuss how to maintain mental wellness during this time.

Are you running out of your medicines?

medicines from webs health - Webs Health
Tablets and capsules

If you are running out of your medicines, you will have to contact the health care team to arrange a prescription for you. They will take the necessary actions to send an electronic prescription directly to a pharmacy so that you or someone else can collect it for you.

In some situations, they will give a paper prescription to get your required medications. If you have difficulties going to a pharmacy, then you can look for a delivery service. Most of the pharmacies have started delivery services due to pandemics.

Do you need to contact your health care professionals?

health care professionals - Webs Health
Health care professionals

If you need to contact your health care professional, try contacting them through phone calls because if your area has travel restrictions, you might not be able to reach them unless you have an urgent matter.

From where can you get support other than health care services?

You can get support from volunteer support teams, local authorities, or local coronavirus support teams if you cannot reach health care providers.

Can you have visitors if you are in supported housing?

You might be able to have visitors under special instructions if you are in supported housing. The staff will arrange safety procedures to let your family members or friends visit you. If not, they will also help you stay in touch with your loved ones via video calls or phone calls.

Do you need urgent help?

need urgent help - Webs Health
Contact emergency services

If you need urgent help, you must contact the local mental health helpline as soon as possible. Also, you can make emergency appointments for a health care professional. Always try to get in touch with the support line if you are going through a mental health crisis.

Do you need emotional support?

If you need emotional support, it is always better to talk to someone about your feelings. It can have a positive impact on your mental health. But you can also speak to local support teams if you need additional help.

Stress and anxiety are completely normal conditions in everyone’s life. All of us can have such feelings during a time like this. But if you feel that you are having too many depressing thoughts, you must seek help as soon as possible.

Therefore, if you always feel depressed, stressed, sad, feared, and if you cannot stick to your regular work, if you lose appetite, unusual aches or pains, and sleeping problems, you should look for help from professionals. Ignoring such symptoms can lead to severe conditions like suicidal thoughts and hurting yourself or others soon.

Final Thoughts

The mental health of a person decides how he or she behave, talk, act or think. We can say mental health has a significant impact on a person’s behavioral, psychological, physical, and emotional life. COVID 19 pandemic has become a threat to almost everyone in the world and their mental health.

Sudden changes like social distancing, self-isolation, losing your loved ones, getting infected with the virus, and career changes can affect your mental health and cause stress and anxiety.

This article discussed how you should take care of your mental health during this pandemic. You can follow mentioned instructions to overcome mental disorders like depression, stress, and anxiety. If you are a person with a mental illness, you can also follow the tips on how you should behave during this time.

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