G-Spots in women: What is it, How to find it, Top 9 Sex Positions to Hit it

The discovery of your or your partner’s G-spot is a common interest shared by many people. Need help finding it? We’re here to help. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find your pleasure zone, highlighting the most effective techniques to try.

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What is G-spot?

What is G-spot?
What is G-spot?

The Gräfenberg point, also known as the Gräfenberg spot or Gräfenberg zone, is an erogenous zone(body part) inside the vagina. It is very sensitive to sexual excitement. Some people report that stimulating this area causes them to ejaculate or produce much more lubrication than usual. 

Others say it provides a more intense orgasm or makes orgasm possible from vaginal penetration. Different people respond differently to G-spot stimulation. Some women don’t find the spot or don’t believe they have one; others find the area stimulation painful or unpleasant. Some report that the G-spot offers another form of deep pleasure that they don’t get with other forms of stimulation.

How can you find G-spot? 

How can you find G-spot? 

Finding the G-spot can be challenging since it does not appear on any diagrams of the human body. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Finding the G-spot is easier if you do it on your own instead of seeking it during sexual activity with a partner.   

If you’re trying to find your G-spot, start by relaxing. As you begin to explore your body, do what feels right for you. When you’re ready, start massaging the opening of your vagina before inserting your fingers or a sex toy.

Then, using your fingers or a toy, lift toward your vaginal area in a “come hither” motion. Remember that you are not looking to press a specific button but rather to find what makes you feel best in that general region. Repeat the movement procedure as the sensation increases. And also, instead of continuous movement, you will want to continue to focus your attention on this area. 

As with other erogenous zones, preferences can vary from person to person. In fact, a 2016 review pointed out that orgasms aren’t one size fits all, so there’s no right or wrong way to orgasm

Tips: G-spot stimulation won’t be for everyone, and that’s okay too.  

Remember that masturbation is completely normal and can be part of any relationship. By exploring your preferences, you can use this information to educate your partner on what you enjoy most during sex.

What are the best sexual positions that will hit the G spot?

Doggy Style

Doggy style is probably the best position to reach the G-spot. It’s a great sexual position that stimulates the clitoris, which can be done with your hand. Additionally, your partner’s penis (or your vibrator) naturally slopes slightly downward due to the alignment of your body.

And also, it rubs against the G-spot accordingly. Even if you’re not a huge Gspot fan, there’s no doubt that this place is impressive. It is nice to say that there are so many fun ways to play doggy style! Depending on how your sizes fit together, you can put pillows under your knees. 
You can spread your legs further apart or bring them closer together. In another way, you can kneel on the bed and have your partner stand behind you. The position of the arms can also be adjusted to change the angle of penetration. You can place them closer or farther from your legs or try going down on your forearms. 

You can also find out the depth of the thrust. Since the G-spot is close enough to the entrance to the vagina, surface thrusting can be highly pleasurable. If your partner approaches orgasm before you do, he can pull out and rub your G-spot with his fingers in the same position.

The Soft Serve

This position provides the perfect angle for your partner’s penis to reach the front wall where your G-spot is. What makes this move even better? You both have easy access to the clitoris, so use your hands or vibration to have a clitoris before orgasm.

The blood flow will cause the G-spot to swell, making it bigger and easier to reach. To do then, take the spoon position with them as the big spoon. Lift your knees slightly and keep them penetrating you from behind.


This position is where you lie on your back while your partner sits on top of you, riding like a cowgirl and giving you a view you can’t forget. However, that’s not even the best part of this position.

The best part is that it allows your partner to take the reins in her hands. She can decide the pace, depth, and angle of penetration that will give her the most pleasure. And it also allows you to keep an eye on when and how your woman is closer to orgasm, so you can take this advice and give her your best.

Reverse cowgirl 

It’s a woman on top facing your partner’s feet in the opposite direction, and many women find it a more comfortable way to get Gspot orgasms. Instead of leaning back, you lean forward, which allows his penis to stroke and stimulate your front vaginal wall.

Also, since you are alienated, you will not feel as exposed, which can help you lose yourself more efficiently in your feelings. Hold your partner’s lower legs for leverage as you push off and adjust your hips the right way.

The captain’s position

In the case of a partner with tight hamstrings, the captain’s sex position may not be appropriate. But if their hammies are loose, have them lie on their backs and lift their legs in the air. You have to begin by grabbing their ankles and spreading their legs in a V-shape. 

Example of buttocks
Example of buttocks

A variation is to have your partner hold their legs up on their own and wrap your arms around their hips, grabbing their buttocks. This allows you to push your partner inside of you as you penetrate, allowing for more intense stimulation. The captain allows deep penetration and more direct access to the G-spot. Your partner can also easily rub her clitoris with her fingers or a mini vibrator for more pleasure.

The Zodiac

To try this sexual position, you have to sit on a chair and then have your partner straddle you. The chair you use will determine exactly where your partner will place their legs and feet. Your partner should ideally position themselves behind your buttocks. This position is less about penetration and more specifically about movement in and out. 

Zodiac is most effective when your partner rubs against you, which allows for natural clitoral stimulation and G-spot stimulation. Not to mention that this is just a very warm and intimate position where you can kiss your partner, caress her breasts, grab their booty, and so on.

The Pearly Gates

This is one best sex positions that you have to try. Lying on your back, have your partner lie on top of you; his back should be on your chest. So you can push up and into it.

This position can really hit his G-spot because most erect penises are not at a 90-degree angle to the body. Most tilt upwards. The position works with the natural curvature of your penis, allowing you to penetrate deeper. It is also easy for you or your partner to stimulate her clitoris from this position.

Sit to Stand

Have your partner lie on the edge of the bed with their bottom as close to the end as possible. Stand by the bed and enter it. You can put your legs around your waist or over your shoulders, whichever is more comfortable. In this position, you can thrust deeply while stimulating her clitoris. 

This is an excellent position for carrying a small vibrator like a finger vibrator. Alternatively, you can place a pillow under her and tilt her pelvis up to stimulate her internally.

Note: If you’re 18+, watch the video below to learn more.

Key Takeaways

G-spots do not have a distinct anatomical structure. Instead, it is an erogenous zone that can induce pleasure and orgasm in many, but not all, people with vaginas. 

If you wish, take time to explore your body and find your G-spot, then explore with a partner as well. But remember that a Gspot orgasm is not everything. Actually, it is a good orgasm, no matter what the source.

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