Morning Sex: Benefits, Positions, Tips, and More

How can I feel positive and boost my mood in the morning? Start your day with morning sex! The benefits of morning sex are numerous, both physically and mentally.

Everyone has a different favorite time to have sex. Some couples prefer to make love in the morning, while others prefer daytime sex, evening sex, or nighttime sex.

It’s up to you, let’s find out more about morning sex, its benefits, and the best positions for it!

Benefits of morning sex

1. You both will feel more connected to each other

Making love first thing in the morning can make your bond stronger each other. Having sex releases the cuddle hormone known as ‘oxytocin.’ This hormone can bring you and your partner closer and make your relationship stronger. Oxytocin is the chemical that controls the love and bonding of people. Therefore, this love hormone can increase your level of satisfaction and decrease your depression.

Benefits of morning sex: You both will feel more connected to each other
Laughing couple

2. Relieving stress

Having sex everyday morning can relieve your stress levels and make you feel more relaxed. It has been proved that getting rid of stress is easier with morning sex. You can maintain positive mental health when you make it first thing in the morning.

Benefits of morning sex: Relieving stress
Stress relieve

3. Releasing endorphins

Releasing endorphins is another benefit of morning sex. This hormone can help in boosting your mood by relieving pain. This is the reason why we all feel relaxed and happier after climaxing.

Benefits of morning sex: Releasing endorphins

4. High levels of estrogen and testosterone levels

Your libido is affected by your sex hormone levels. Estrogen and testosterone levels are higher during the morning. Therefore, the sexual desire will be higher, and you will be feeling more satisfied during this time with orgasms than at other times. Besides, higher testosterone levels can contribute to erection strength.

Benefits of morning sex: High levels of estrogen and testosterone levels
Feeling more satisfied

5. Morning sex counts as a workout

Did you know sex can burn about five calories per minute? So, who would not like to burn calories in the comfort of their bed instead of going to the gym? Therefore, morning sex will provide you with all the benefits of a light workout routine, including stress relief, boost metabolism, and motivation.

Benefits of morning sex: Morning sex counts as a workout
Sex counts as a workout

6. Good for brain health

Many studies have proven that quick morning sex can offer benefits to brain health. Thus, having good morning sex can give your brainpower a boost to do its functions well.

Brain health benefits
Brain health benefits

7. Can boost your immune system

Studies have discovered that couples engaged in regular morning sex are more protected from viruses, bacteria, and other germs. You can boost your immunity and body’s natural defenses by adding sex into your daily morning routine.

Boost your immune system
Boost your immune system

8. Help you to look younger

Sex can release hormones like oxytocin, endorphins, and other hormones that help humans look younger and happier. Researchers have discovered that people who have sex more often look more youthful than people who have less sex.

Look Younger
Look Younger

Tips to make morning sex happen

Are you worried about time?

If you are worried about the time to have morning sex, why don’t you set your alarm 20 minutes early to wake up before your usual time? You can also have sex before going to have a shower in the morning.

Problem with setting an earlier alarm?

If you do not want to lose sleep time to have sex in the morning, you can get a quickie while in the shower.

Are you wondering if you are going to be too tired?

Are you wondering if you are going to be too tired after having sex in the morning? If yes, you can go for positions that do not require much of yourself.

Not in the mood?

Feel like you are not in the mood yet to make love? Foreplay by encouraging your partner’s body parts like nipples, Neck, and behind ears. You can have your partner give your oral and vice versa after getting into the mood.

Bad breath?

You should not let the bad breath stop you from getting freaky. You can use positions that can avoid faces such as doggy style, lotus, and spooning. Also, you can keep mints near the bed to have before having morning sex.

Want some kissing?

Kissing should not be limited to lips. It would be best if you went beyond that. The Neck, shoulders, nipple, stomach, and all other areas of the body are kissable.

Daytime light?

Early morning lighting is excellent for setting the mood to make love. But if you are worried about daytime light, you can start doing it under the covers or close all the shades that light comes.

morning sex: Best sex positions to try

1. Doggy

Doggy style is a position that everybody loves. This position can bring pleasure to both couples. In doggy style, the male partner penetrates the female partner from behind with their penis, fingers, or sex toys.

2. Cowgirl

Cowgirl is a classic sex position in that you should straddle the partner as they lie on their back. You can control the penetration speed and depth as you ride.

3. Spooning

In the spooning position, you and your partner both will face the same direction. The male partner will penetrate you from behind with a penis or finger or with a sex toy. You do not have to put a lot of work into this position and can be more comfortable.

4. side 69

The side 69 position is one of the most popular positions among couples who do not need to do a lot of work doing it. When you lie down on your side, turn around and face your partner. Switch the position of your head to stimulate your partner’s genitals and vice versa. The hot wrap

In the hot wrap sex position, you have to let your partner lay on you with their back pressed on your body. You should reach your arms around their hips and start stimulating the clitoris using your fingers. You can also use a vibrator and use your other hand to play with their nipples.

5. The black swan

The black swan position can be done solo. You have to lie on your stomach, your face down, and your hand under your side is stimulating with fingers or a toy.

6. Ankle choker

The position of the ankle choker is one of the best and hottest positions you can try in morning sex. You will have to lie down on your back and legs up. Your partner will be facing you on their knees. You can allow your feet to be on your partner’s shoulders.

Final Thoughts

Morning sex can offer endless health benefits to people. Research and studies have found that people who have morning sex are healthier, happier, and look younger than people who are less engaged in sex. Taking a little to make love with your partner will give you amazing health benefits while satisfying your sexual desires.

You can follow the tips, incorporate the best sex positions discussed above, maintain your relationship, and stay healthier!

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