Spanish Fly: What Is It? What are the dangers of it?, And Alternatives

What Is that liquid Spanish fly?

When you watch the 1979 sex comedy Frat House, you probably hear Spanish Fly described as an aphrodisiac (a substance that enhances sexual desire, arousal, behavior, performance, or pleasure).

In the past, people believe this substance make ladies hot when they slipped into a drink. It was more than just a legend. An aphrodisiac exists, but it will only make men (physically) hot, not women.

Living Spanish fly

The Spanish fly is an emerald-green beetle, that belongs to the blister beetle family. The name “blister” was come to this family because of cantharidin. Beetles produce cantharidin, and when you contact your skin with cantharidin, it develops blisters.

Traditional apothecaries frequently used this material to make their medicines.

Spanish Fly
Spanish Fly

Spanish Fly Origin

Several individuals have used Spanish Fly liquid in a number of ways, with some even gaining fame from their use.

Here are some famous examples:

  • Roman empress who indulged in blackmailing her family by fostering sexual behavior with cantharidin
  • Gladiators used it for orgies in ancient Rome
  • To spice up their relations with their kings, queens used it on their mistresses
Spanish fly liquid
Spanish fly liquid

In ancient times, Spanish fly was mixed with drinks or sweets – sometimes without the receiver’s knowledge, and used for the genital region to feel warm and swollen. Rather than attraction, these warm feelings are caused by inflammation.

dangers of using Spanish fly

Spanish fly causes many serious side effects, including death, along with long-lasting erections.

Sadly, Marquis de Sade discovered this in 1772 when he gave sweet aniseed balls laced with Spanish fly to prostitutes, and it caused her death.

Following are the symptoms which may occur worldwide as a consequence of using Spanish fly.


Less common

What are the alternatives?

While aphrodisiac products are advertised and further promoted, there is little evidence that supports their use. Follow the below, tips to increase your libido or boost your sexual performance without having to spend money or risk your health.

1. You should talk to your partner

Talk To Your Partner
Talk To Your Partner

Even if it’s just a casual affair, communication is key to any sexual relationship. Make sure you ask what turns them on and what body parts they like being touched.

In addition to the usual erogenous zones like the genitals and nipples, every man has other erogenous zones. You might be surprised at what theirs are! Talking provides all parties with a wealth of information in order to make better sex.

2. Feel the difference with massage


Massage increase dopamine and serotonin level, as well as reduce stress hormone level. It also reduces cortisol production and helps you to enhance confidence between partners.

The only thing you’ll need is your hands and some massage oil. Don’t forget to apply pressure to acupressure points such as the feet and scalp to increase the sex factor.

3. Take advantage of the sunshine


Thirty minutes of sunlight increases testosterone and sexual satisfaction in people with low sexual desire.

You are also happy when the sun shines because vitamin D helps regulate mood hormones like serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline, which play a role in arousal. Many of us think about sex more when it’s hot out, resulting in a greater desire for sex when we wear fewer clothes.

4. Increase your physical activity


Yes, exercising can improve your sex. However, unlike the Spanish fly, exercise increases sexual arousal and improves sexual performance in both women and men.

Women who exercise regularly had improved arousal and sexual satisfaction, according to a 2018 study. Exercise has also been linked to a decreased risk of impotence, improved erections, and improved sexual function among young and older men.

Which brands use Spanish fly as their main marketing strategy?

Today, you can still buy products called Spanish fly both online and in sex shops, but they don’t contain cantharidin or insect.

The following list includes some examples.


Today, it is nearly impossible to find the true Spanish fly, which is very dangerous. However, the products carry the name, yet they are either ineffective or risky.

Talk to your healthcare provider if you’re concerned about your low libido or sexual dysfunction, who can identify possible underlying medical conditions and suggest treatments to help you boost your sex drive.

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